In light of this, we cannot offer our “shield” protections at this point in time, as we do not have the ability to handle transactions any longer between buyer and seller. We will be researching better means to improve upon this system in the future. We sincerely apologize for any inconveniences this might cause.


We are excited to facilitate the commission process for all users across the site! While commissions can be a thrilling experience, we understand that problems can show up now and then. Because of this, we expect buyers and sellers to follow these rules and expectations.

In addition to the rules listed below, we recommend looking through our documentation for suggestions as well as procedures for the Furry Network Buyer Protection Program.

Dos and Don’ts
How to write a Scope
Furry Network Buyer Protection Program
Commission Guide for Sellers
Commission Guide for Buyers

General Rules

To keep the commission process flowing smoothly, all buyers and sellers are expected to follow these rules:

  • Keep all discussions about a specific commission in that commission’s thread. This will make work easier for both parties and help in the case of disputes.
  • Follow all rules listed in the Code of Conduct, especially the section regarding harassment. We expect both buyer and seller to be respectful in the commission process.
  • All commissioned content may be uploaded to Furry Network’s gallery by both buyer and seller unless otherwise agreed upon by both parties during the commission process.

If you have any disputes about the commission in progress, please discuss any disputes before flagging a comment; most issues can be resolved with a simple discussion. If no progress is made, you may flag the commission conversation for the following:

  • The commission seller has become unresponsive and has made no progress for a significant amount of time. We consider a seller unresponsive if a full week passes without responding to a message.
  • The commission does not meet the agreed scope of work.
  • The buyer or seller breaks the Code of Conduct in the commission process.

All flagged commission conversations will be reviewed by staff. In the case of disputes, both parties are expected to follow the decision made by a site administrator.

Refunds may be granted to the buyer under various conditions. Please view the Furry Network Buyer Protection Program for more information.


When setting up for commissions, bsure your Furry Network email address matches your PayPal email address. If it is not, you may change it under Account Settings. Payments will be made automatically using that email address.

We expect sellers to follow these rules:

  • No mature or explicit images in the SFW price sheet. This sheet can be seen by anyone visiting the site. You may use cropped images of other artwork as long as the cropped selection does not show mature or explicit content.
  • Outline a clear scope of work that details the specifics of the commission before sending it to the buyer for review.
  • If for some reason the scope of work needs to change, discuss this with the buyer before finishing the project.
  • Respond to messages about ongoing commissions in a timely manner. If a full week passes without responding to a message, we will consider you unresponsive.
  • Complete all commissions within six (6) months of starting. Payments will be refunded to the buyer once the commission has passed the six month mark.
  • In the case of harassment, flag the commission instead of engaging with the other party.

These are intended to keep the commission process running smoothly for both buyer and seller. We understand that each artist has a different timeline for completing a project, but we want to make sure buyers are being updated throughout the process. Buyers who have had a good experience will often recommend the seller to others.

The six month mark is a hard deadline that we’re setting for commissions on Furry Network. You are welcome to create a shorter deadline, but no commission should take longer than six months. If you are planning a commission that takes longer, we ask that you use another service for that project.

Please note that funds are not paid to the seller until the commission is completed and the buyer is satisfied with the product.


Purchasing a commission is often exciting, and a few expectations for the buyer can help keep everything on track.

We expect buyers to follow these rules:

  • Ensure the seller includes the specifics of your commission in the scope of work. If a detail is not in the scope of work, we cannot guarantee it will be in the completed commission.
  • If references contain mature or explicit content, ensure the seller is fine with these being uploaded.
  • Refrain from sending excessive messages to the seller. All sellers are expected to reply within a week, and a large quantity of messages may be viewed as harassment.
  • In the case of harassment, flag the commission instead of engaging with the other party.

These are intended to help ensure that the commission process goes smoothly for both the buyer and the seller. If you need any assistance with this process, feel free to reach out and discuss this with a staff member.

Please note that all commissions on Furry Network are paid when accepting the scope of work. If the seller does not fulfill the commission, the paid amount will be reimbursed to the buyer. Every purchase is covered by the Furry Network Buyer Protection Program.

Commission Process and Statuses

The commission process has several statuses to help keep track of each commission’s progress. The various statuses are as follow:

New Requests: A new commission request sent by the buyer. At this point, buyer and seller will discuss the specifics of the commission.

Pending Scope Approval: The status when the price and scope of work are uploaded by the seller. At this point, the buyer will need to review the scope and decide to either accept or reject it.

Scope Accepted: The buyer has approved this scope. We suggest handling all payment arrangements at this step.

Scope Rejected: The buyer has not approved the scope. At this point, the scope can either be revised, or the commission can be cancelled by either the buyer or seller.

In Progress: The seller has started to work on the commission. During this step, the seller may provide occasional updates to ensure the buyer is satisfied with the final product.

Completed: The seller has completed the commission. The buyer will review the commission and approve it if it satisfies the requirements in the scope of work. If a week passes without any other updates, the commission is approved automatically.

Approved: The buyer is satisfied with the final product of the commission. 

Cancelled: Either the buyer or the seller has decided to withdraw from this specific commission. 

We hope all parties involved find the commission tool helpful in the commissioning process!