Rules and Policies

Furry Network is founded upon a common set of guidelines and expectations for all users. To help ensure you get the best possible experience on Furry Network, we have clarified these into a set of policies for your perusal.

Acceptable Upload Policy – This document explains what you can and can’t upload to Furry Network. It provides guidance on what is expected of you when posting content.

Code of Conduct – Like any community, Furry Network relies on the goodwill and cooperation of all its users. To ensure everybody has a good time, we have developed this code of conduct, which outlines what is and is not acceptable on Furry Network.

Commissions – As users buy and sell commissions online, we have a specific set of guidelines for how to interact and resolve any disputes that may arise.

Privacy Policy – This document outlines the types of information collected on Furry Network and how this information isĀ used.

Our official Mission Statement