Takedown Request

You may request a takedown by submitting the following form.

This form is for use ONLY by individuals who have a legitimate copyright/trademark infringement claim. If you wish to take down art from your own account, you may remove it through the submission manager.

Verification of claims:
To verify that the claim of ownership is valid, we require that the proof of ownership for the disputed material is provided. This can be done via email (for example, sending us a screenshot of a WIP with PayPal receipt), or by sending us a message on another site (where you have uploaded the finished work) confirming that you have requested a takedown on Furry Network.

When choosing an account to verify with, if you have selected “other”, please make sure that you make an indication somewhere on your account that you have requested a takedown with us, such as editing your profile information, an existing journal, or the description on a relevant post itself.

After submitting this form, make sure you check your inbox for the automated confirmation email. In that email, there will be instructions to make verification easier for you. Just follow the instructions for the method you chose above and we’ll take care of the rest.

If you have trouble filling out this form, or otherwise have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at takedowns@furrynetwork.com.