Mission Statement

Furry Network believes in a strong thriving community, that continues to push the limits of how creative and unique its individuals are.

The Furry Fandom is always growing and evolving, and we want to provide services that aid in this. We believe that providing powerful, modern tools that support the fandom’s needs will empower its participants, and lead to a better future for the community as a whole. We strive to improve the status quo in all we do.

Furry Network knows that this community is uniquely driven by personas and characters, and that these often form an important part of identity. We also understand that creative media within our community is a gateway to this exploration and understanding, and that it must always be supported. We want all participants to be able to express themselves and find like-minded individuals, while never feeling isolated or uncomfortable.

Commissions have, and continue to be, an excellent way to bring worlds and characters to life. With that we strive to make the interactions between content creator and commissioner easy and safe – So that you feel confident when buying or selling online. Making an idea come to life should be a fun and exhilarating experience, and we wish to maintain that experience time and time again.

In order to facilitate the needs of everyone, we believe in a minimum standard of conduct and behavior. We wish to encourage creative and positive aspects, and do not tolerate those who seek to disrupt the good time of others. Furry Network is founded on the desire for a mature and thriving community, and is invested in ensuring conduct between all participants is both appropriate and respectful at all times. We want everyone to express their creativity, yet not at the expense of others. We treat everyone like adults, and expect the same from all participants.

We are privileged to be a part of such a fantastic community, and are grateful for the opportunity to both serve and participate in it. As such, we always encourage feedback and suggestions, so we can work together to evolve and help improve things for everyone.

Regardless if you are a creator or admirer, we want you to be part of the adventure!