Acceptable Upload Policy

Last Updated: SEPTEMBER 11TH, 2018

The Furry Network Acceptable Upload policy is designed to establish a baseline as to what is and is not generally acceptable to upload or otherwise post to the website. The content herein is not all-inclusive and, based on the needs of the website along with the direction of the administration staff, may change without notice.

Site members uploading content uploaded contrary to the Acceptable Upload Policy may be subject to administrative action, up to and including account termination. As with any creative atmosphere, there may be some content that is considered a “gray area” in terms of following this policy. Such decisions will be considered by the administrative team with a focus on consistency and fairness. If you feel an administrative decision was made in error, you may appeal the decision by emailing the Furry Network Management Team at

The following policy is in addition to The Furry Network Code of Conduct. If there are any contradictions or issues, decisions will be based on The Furry Network Code of Conduct until such time as the administrative team reviews and issues an update. There are several categories below. Some categories may impact others, and some are specific to only one kind of content.

All Uploads

All Content
  • All rules in the Code of Conduct apply to all submissions.
  • No content that contains minors in sexual situations or who are suggestive in appearance.
    • Minors are defined as human or animal characters who are younger than 18 years old or whose body is prepubescent in appearance or description
    • In cases of fan art, any content obviously depicting a character as a minor in a sexual situation is not allowed

Uploads containing any fetishes must be tagged as such. This will allow users to avoid this content if the tag is added to their blacklist. Examples of fetishes include but are not limited to:

  • BDSM
  • Ageplay
  • Vore
  • Incest
  • Nonconsensual / Rape
  • Hyper / Macro
  • Watersports

To ensure that site content is appropriately categorized for intended audiences, all uploads are required to have a “General,” “Mature,” or “Explicit” content rating.


This is the “safe for work” category. This includes all content that is considered acceptable by the mass and public media.

  • No visible genitalia
  • No visible developed breasts
  • No excessively large genitalia or developed breasts depicted in any manner
  • No explicit language
  • No illegal substances
  • No violence or blood
  • No fetish content

This category contains adult content in a tasteful context – for example, tasteful nudity or situations which are not suitable for a general audience. No sexual activity is permitted.

The following is acceptable in this category:

  • Nudity in an artistic or educational context
  • Mild violence and/or blood
  • Mild sexual themes
  • Fetish content, as long as it follows all aforementioned rules

Avoid posting the following in the mature category:

  • Sexual activity
  • Excretion of bodily waste
  • Extreme fetishes

As long as it falls within site rules, all content is permitted.

Mark any content as explicit if it contains any of the following:

  • Explicit sexual acts
  • Extreme fetishes
  • Intense or graphic violence
  • Drug abuse (within site rules)

None of the following content is acceptable:

  • Real life content of a pornographic nature (clarification below)
  • Any content banned from individual submission categories

“Extreme Fetishes” include but are not limited to:

  • Fisting
  • Gaping
  • Rimming
  • Ballbusting
  • Prolapse
  • Necrophilia
  • Rape / Non-consensual
  • Asphyxiation / Choking
  • Zoophilia / Bestiality
  • Waste Play (all bodily waste – feces, urine, menstruation, mucus, earwax, etc.)
  • Unbirthing
  • Diapers (if sexual or involving any bodily waste)

“Extreme Violence” includes but is not limited to:

  • Torture
  • Death
  • Gore
  • Mutilation / castration / genital torture
  • Excessive amounts of blood
  • Glorification of violence, pain, or harm
  • Sexual violence


  • Content of a visually illustrated nature, such as digital, CGI, or traditional work
    • Finished artwork, sketches, and WIPs are acceptable
    • Screenshots of computer programs are acceptable as long as the screenshots include user-created content
      • Screenshots are not allowed if they do not contain new or original user-created content
    • Art auctions, such as YCH (your character here), and any other auctions are also acceptable
      • Only one post per auction
  • Commission information sheets can be reposted if updated


  • No images (real or fake) of dead people or dead animals
    • Masks, sculpts, and similar applications are acceptable
    • Statues, costumes, and scenery are acceptable
    • Taxidermy is allowed so long as it is respectful
  • No images of animals containing anything of a sexual nature, implied or otherwise
  • No photos containing any kind of exploitation of minors
  • No real life photographs of a pornographic nature
    • No nudity (e.g. genitals or developed breasts)
    • Sex toys or suggestive themes are allowed
  • No physical abuse, violence, illegal drugs/activities or blood/gore of any kind


  • No personal information or personally identifiable details
    • Stories based on real events or people may use alternate names or be altered to prevent personal recognition
  • Cannot be used as a blog-style journal unless it is a work of fiction
  • Content must be wholly original or otherwise give proper credit to the content reference from another author’s work
    • Stories sourced from a role-play or other collaborative effort must be posted with consent of all involved parties
  • Hyperlinks must be used in a tasteful fashion and be relevant to the text


  • Contains content of an animated, audible, or interactive nature
  • Finished artwork, sketches, and WIPs are acceptable
  • No malicious submissions, including content that features rapidly flashing images or may be seizure inducing
  • No real life videos of a pornographic nature
    • No nudity (e.g. genitals or developed breasts)

If you have questions about the Acceptable Upload Policy please contact Furry Network Management!