Commissions – How to write a Scope

scope-of-work-exampleA well thought-out scope of work can help create a clear image of the final piece for the
commission. With information clearly laid out before the commission is started, buyers can be confident that  you know what they would like. Keep these main points in mind when putting together a scope:

Find out what the buyer wants

This may sound like a no-brainer, but some buyers will not know what they want for a commission. Talk about details – the characters, pose, expression, color, and scenery. If they have a hard time thinking of anything, give a couple suggestions. Most will like the suggestions, and if they don’t, they’ll likely have a good idea come to mind.

Outline the cost breakdown

In some cases, increased complexity can add costs to the commission. Having that clearly laid out for the buyer helps them see why the price is as quotes.

Create a generous deadline

You’ll usually have a good idea for how long it will take to get through a commission, but there are times where everyone has an emergency. Be sure you give yourself a time buffer for any of those emergencies – remember, most buyers are thrilled to receive their commission early.

Don’t worry about the small details

When you’re creating the scope, you’ll have a general idea of what will happen, but you’ll really get into the details when working on the commission. The scope should have the most important pieces of information so you know what’s required for the final commission.

The level of detail that you put in will usually depend on how specific the buyer has been with requirements for the commission. Keep it simple enough that you know what’s needed but detailed enough to cover the buyer’s requirements.