Commission Guide – Buyers



We are excited to have you participate in the commission process on Furry Network! The system has been setup to guide you and sellers through the process. To help, we have created this guide that shows the various steps and choices that can be made with the commission tool.

Finding a Seller

Open for CommissionsWhen looking for someone offering commissions, the community tab at the top of the website will be the most useful. There, you will be able to view site members who are open for commissions. Clicking on their picture will take you to the price sheet and the opportunity to request a commission.

You may also choose to be notified when a seller opens for commissions. To do this, go to the seller’s profile, select the “Commissions” tab, and checkmark “Get Notified.” You will receive an email when the seller opens for commissions.

Requesting a Commission

If you would like to request a commission from a seller, visit that user’s page, click the commission tab, and click “Request Commission.” An invitation message will pop up. Here, you should include details about what you would like for the commission. If the seller has multiple options on the price sheet, state which option you would like, then provide specific details that you wish to be included in the commission. In general, we recommend giving an emotion, a setting, or a pose.

Once you have started a commission conversation, you may also upload a reference sheet for the artist. Be sure that the reference sheet is safe for work unless the seller has said that an NSFW reference sheet would be fine – many sellers review commissions in public spaces.

A lot of the times, sellers will ask for more information about what you would like. Try to avoid telling sellers to “do what you want” or “be creative” – sellers want to make you happy, and it’s much more difficult to do that without guidance.

Scope of Work

Buying Commission 3The seller will put together a scope of work that outlines the elements of the commission and the price; while we don’t require a completion date, we ask the seller to provide an estimate. Once the status is changed to “Pending Scope Approval,” take a look to make sure the scope outlines the elements of the commission that are important to you. If you approve, you will be prompted to make a payment; this payment will be held by a third party until the commission is finished. If you reject the scope, you may either work on revising it or have the commission cancelled.

Commission In Progress

When the seller has started to work on your commission, they will change the status to “In Progress.” On occasion, they may provide updates. We recommend checking at least once a week to see if any updates have been sent by the seller.

Once the seller has completed the commission, they will change the status to “Completed.” At this time, review the commission to ensure that it fits the scope of work. If you are happy with the commission, change the status to “Approved,” and the artist will receive payment at that time.

If for some reason you are unhappy with the commission, we recommend discussing these concerns with the seller first. Sellers want to make this a positive experience for you, and many will work to make sure you are satisfied.

If you are unable to resolve any dispute, you may flag the commission for review by staff. Again, we recommend reading the commission rules and the Furry Network Buyer Protection Program for details on acceptable conduct and how disputes are resolved.