Furry Network FAQ

What’s New – Stay up-to-date with new submissions from friends you’ve followed.

Favorites – Submissions you’ve collected, that are private to you, and that are not shown to other users.

Following – All the submissions from the friends you follow.

Activity History – A timeline for when your friends add and update content.

Notifications – A list of alerts for FN announcements or when someone has commented, promoted, followed or mentioned you.

Edit Your Profile – Manage your avatar, banner, display name and custom bio fields.

Import Data – Upload your content from other sites.


Messages – Private message your friends.

Manage Submissions – Edit and upload artwork, photos, stories and multimedia.

Commissions – Buy and sell commissioned content.

Tickets – Manage content you’ve flagged or your content that has been flagged by others.

Account Settings – Manage your login information, mature content settings and your characters.